Journal of Hill Agriculture (JHA)

Journal of Hill Agriculture (JHA) is an international journal and the official publication of Indian Society of Hill Agriculture (ISHA). It publishes the original research papers in all branches of agriculture and allied science which are of primary interest to the agricultural development in hill and mountain regions of the whole world.

The publication is open to the members of Indian Society of Hill Agriculture but it also accepts papers from non-members if all authors become the annual/life member when a paper is submitted / accepted for publication and intimated after a review.

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  Awards and Fellowships

The society shall recognize excellence in scientific research and development by awarding Fellowship and Awards to suitable life members.

(i) Fellows will be nominated / selected from among those who have been Life Members of the society and based on their contributions for the society and / or his / her overall professional achievements.

(ii) Nominations for fellowship shall be made by fellows of the Society and / or Executive Council. Fellows will be inducted after evaluation of their R&D contributions as per guidelines to be prescribed by the Executive Council of the Society.

(iii) Life members of the society up to the age of 65 years will only be eligible for induction and continuation as fellows of the society.

(iv) The maximum number of Fellows at any time shall not exceed 200. Each year a maximum of 6 Fellows (excluding recipients of the awards made by Indian Society of Hill Agriculture) may be selected from among various sub-disciplines in agriculture and allied sciences as follows

1. Plant Improvement with reference to genetics, plant breeding, production, cytogenetics, physiology, biotechnology and biochemistry of various crops including crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and forest plants.

2. Plant Protection including entomology, plant pathology, nematology, microbiology and agro-chemicals

3. Crop production, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences including Natural Resource Management, Soil Sciences, Water Management, Environmental Sciences, Agronomy, Seed Science and Technology, Meteorology and Forestry and Agroforestry.

4. Animal Sciences including Veterinary Science and Fishery.

5. Agricultural Engineering including Farm machinery, Soil & Water Conservation Engineering, Energy Management, Postharvest Technology, Food Technology and Dairy Processing

6. Social Sciences including all subjects i.e. Statistics, Economics, Extension, Home Sciences, Nutrition, Research Management, Rural Sociology, agricultural information services etc.

(v) The society shall also confer different awards to recognize excellence in scientific research and professional achievements in the six major disciplines as mentioned above.
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